About Adler

I’m a data scientist educated in theoretical physics with solid experience in the retail and travel industries.

I’m currently based in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada. Prior to moving to Canada, I was previously in Singapore leading the data science team for Roomorama, a vacation rentals aggregator focused on Asian properties.

My experience in retail was formed and refined back in Manila, where I led the product development and data-driven growth of Deal Grocer and BeautyMNL.

I built BeautyMNL from zero lines of code, to the product launch, and further on to its immense growth. BeautyMNL is now the biggest beauty ecommerce site in the Philippines.

I helped Deal Grocer become massive as well through the use of data and plain, old-fashioned, business sense. It is now the biggest deals site for the high-end market in the Philippines.

As for my education, I got my masters degree in Theoretical Physics from Ateneo de Manila University. My masters thesis was about applications of Clifford Algebra with electromagnetic polarization. It got published in an international physics journal (see here).

After finishing my graduate studies, I became a researcher at The Manila Observatory. Along with a team from Kyushu University in Japan, we applied computational physics to find correlations with, and see if we can predict, earthquakes by detecting changes in the Earth’s magnetic field.

I’m a lifetime lover of books, an avid traveler, intellectual conversations over coffee, and I’m constantly improving my craft outside the workplace.

Contact Info

You may contact me professionally through LinkedIn, or casually on Twitter. Send me an email for longer, more technical discussions.


Polarization ellipse and Stokes parameters in geometric algebra J. Opt. Soc. Am., Vol. 29, Issue 1, pp. 89-98 (2012)

Peer Review: Partial isometries, unitary operators and complementary operators in polarization optics Optics Letters, Vol. 39, Issue 10, pp. 2860-2863 (2014)


Roomorama - a vacation rentals aggregator and distributor focused on profesionally-owned properties in Asia

BeautyMNL - the best biggest beauty e-commerce site in the Philippines

Deal Grocer - the biggest deals site for the high-end market in the Philippines


About - Adler Santos